In August of 1999 Char and I took our first trip abroad. We visited London, England, Paris and Nancy France and Basel, Grindelwald, and Bern in Switzerland. We had an awesome time and can't wait to visit again.

Eventually, I'd like to put together here a nice record of our trip, but it's already been four months and I'm only just putting this together, so we'll see. One article I really want to write is my experience finding email access while traveling without taking my own hardware (no laptop, no Palm Pilot, etc.).

To get started, here are some pictures from our trip:


looking down the River Thames at Big Ben (ok, the clock tower which houses the bell Big Ben) and one of the houses of parliament

here's Char outside the White Tower

in a cafe down the street from The British Museum

221B Baker Street
the home of Mr. Sherlock Holmes

Hotel Russell
where we stayed while in London

Paris, France

145 days (jours in French) until the end of the millenium

Char at L'Arc de Triomphe
(arch of triumph)

looking down the Seine river towards Notre Dame cathedral

the Tour Eiffel at night

Grindelwald, Switzerland

Below are two of the photos we took in Grindelwald, but while we were there we met the proprietor of a small shop who turned out to be an enthusiastic Mac user. He has his own website here and some excellent photos he's taken.

coming into the town of Grindelwald

the view of the town and Swiss Alps from our hotel balcony

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