Air Benzie

Flight 101
Ann Arbor to Ann Arbor
August 16, 1996

This is a short photographic account of my first voyage as a passenger on Air Benzie (I have to keep using that QuickTake, you know). You see, while Steve is training for his pilot's license, he's allowed to bring along a passenger--after all, he's paying for the flight.

I suppose my only complaint (aside from not getting any bonus miles) was that he could have explained that "pattern work" means lots of (simulated) emergency landings and take-offs.


For the uninitiated, this is the proper method of extracting a plane from its hangar.

I can't wait to see him fly a 747.

Check the fuel. "Make sure we've got enough, Steve. I'm not getting out and pumping more."  
  Gotta make sure the CD player works. "Hmm, I wonder what these other switches do?"

Practice landing at a small airfield many miles southwest of Ann Arbor.

Boy, was it hilarious when the instructor cut the power on one of the take-offs. Don't worry, though, this is just "pattern work."

(Steve's on the left, the instructor's on the right.)

  Passing Saline on the way back home. If you look really close you can see Deb, Sam and Madison's house.
Above Ann Arbor getting ready to land. The main highway there is I-94.  
  Successful landing. Refuel and put the beast away. "Thank you for flying Air Benzie. Buh-bye!"