Naturally I'm a huge Star Trek fan, since the age of eight or so, I think. When other kids and generations had sports heroes and cowboys or war heroes, I had Captain Kirk, Mister Spock and Dr. McCoy to emulate. Years later I would come to appreciate Captain Picard and his crew as much, if not more, than their predecessors. I like to think that the early crew is what I hoped I'd grow up to be and the later crew what I hope my kids grow up to be.

I'm afraid, however, that Trek has totally lost its appeal to me these days. I watch very few Voyager episodes and usually when I do I feel as though I've wasted my time. I have a bit of hope for the next movie but I'm afraid the next series will be quite a disaster even discounting the rumors that are flying around. I think that those in charge just aren't writing compelling stories anymore.


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I created this graphic trying to emulate Mike Okuda's work on Star Trek: The Next Generation. I met Mike and his wife Denise at an Apple developers' conference some years ago. I think I startled them just a little bit. I think they didn't expect to be recognized.