The University of Michigan/Women's Volleyball


Char and I play quite a bit of volleyball (Char was extremely good in high school). In the summer of 1995, some friends and we attended a volleyball camp run by Greg Giovanazzi and the UM Women's Volleyball team. We learned a lot and and a great time (I highly recommend it). Anyway, if you'd like to catch a game, the schedule is posted below.

A bit of trivia: If you can get hold of the 1996 media guide, see if you can find me on the cover!

For all sorts of volleyball information, check out Volleyball WorldWide.

Here's a picture from the 1996 season. My favorite player, Kristen Ruschiensky (who coached us in volleyball camp), is number 9 and Linnea Mendoza (an awesome setter) is crouched in front. Can you see me, Char and nephew Deric in the background?