My friend, the inimitable Steve Benzie, with the wry-yet-vibrant Melissa. Here they are just after running the 5K Dexter-Ann Arbor run. Steve is also a pilot: check out my flight with him. We flew into Meig's field some time ago but I still haven't posted the pictures.

Well, folks, as of Christmas Eve, 1999, Steve and Melissa are engaged to be married! The date has been set for September 2, 2000.

Chris and "Booj." No link for these guys, though Booj temporarily had a cool, but high-bandwidth-needed, site.

Chris and Mike added baby Avery to their clan December of 1996. Avery is now three.

Deb gave birth to Sullivan Jai on 4/15/98. Madison has a new baby sister! Click here for the pix!

This is Sam, Deb and Madison. Eventually their web site will be here. To the right is a newer picture of Mad.

This is Mike and Lorrie; don't they take a cute picture?
This is Jeff. He doesn't want to be here.
This is Dennis. He doesn't have a home page either, but I've recently shown him how and where to create one, so we'll see how long it takes.
This is David. He's got it all nowadays: color, high-end computer, why, he must be "Digital Man!"
Here's John, Sally and their new baby Austin. (The closeup of Austin on the right is a bit out of date.)

In fact, the picture is so out of date that Austin (now 3) has a brand new baby brother Mason.

This is Deric, our nephew (he's 3 in the photo). Click his picture to see what can be done with the excellent program Kai's Power Goo.
Eric Shapiro, Macintosh programmer extraodinaire. (Eric created the legendary Grouch system extension, but did you know that I did the graphics? Don't ask how to get it; Eric was told by CTW's lawyers to remove it from distribution.)
no picture available Dave Koziol. Check out his page; he has some cool links.
no picture available Pam is my neighbor. She took a computer class and now has a web page of her own. She is quite the world traveler and a good volleyball player.
no picture available My cousin Scott is also a big Mac fan and is working on his genealogy.


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last updated on 7/16/2000